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HashiCorp Certified: Vault Operations Professional 2022

HashiCorp Certified: Vault Operations Professional 2022
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Bryan Krausen

HashiCorp Ambassador

Start your journey to becoming a HashiCorp Certified: Vault Operations Professional right here. Built by an instructor who helped write the official exam and has consulted for HashiCorp and large organizations for 6+ years.

***This course includes access to live Vault hands-on labs where you can practice working with Vault right in your browser. Eliminates the risk and cost of running your own environment to prepare for the exam. This is the most comprehensive and extensive course for learning how to earn your HashiCorp Certified: Vault Operations Professional. The course follows the exam objectives using in-depth lectures, lab demonstrations, and hands-on opportunities so you can quickly configure Vault in a real-world environment. You have access to all the slides, a PDF of the commands in each demonstration, and additional labs you can do on your own. You Get The Following Benefits By Using This Course:- Covers 100% of exam content through lecture, demo, and hands-on opportunities

  • Access to Hands-On Labs that help you practice Vault configurations ⌨️
  • Covers both Vault Open-Source and Vault Enterprise Features ☁️
  • Exam-like Quiz for Each Exam Objective
  • Complete Study Guide for Certification Preparation
  • Written by a HashiCorp Ambassador who teaches the Official HashiCorp Curriculum

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About the instructor

  • Bryan Krausen

    Bryan Krausen

    HashiCorp Ambassador

    Created by an experienced instructor, Bryan has been delivering official HashiCorp training for many years. These training classes vary between private, in-depth training, personalized advanced training, all the way to the official training courses listed on HashiCorp’s website (seriously, go look!). Bryan was one of the first people to earn all of the HashiCorp certifications and has spoken at multiple HashiCorp conferences and community events. He is also a HashiCorp Ambassador for 2020, 2021, and 2022.

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