Advanced Bash Scripting

Master Bash Scripting for command-line dominance and elevate your DevOps/SysAdmin career

Advanced Bash Scripting
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Juan Carlos Martinez

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Become a true command-line maestro and take your DevOps or SysAdmin skills to new heights with our comprehensive “Advanced Bash Scripting” course!

Bash, being one of the most used command-line shells – and the default for most Unix-based systems, including most Linux distributions, is probably the TOP choice when deciding which command-line shell to master in terms of Return on Investment. 

Bash is powerful, popular, and widely used. 

However, there’s a catch: Bash has been around for a while. Its age, combined with various Shell iterations, versions, command-line utility licenses, and syntax differences, can make the journey to becoming a Bash expert more puzzling than it should be, and the resources available can be hard to follow, outdated, or difficult to navigate around them.

Our cutting-edge course is designed to be your contemporary guide, tailored for visual learners seeking an engaging and up-to-date learning experience. We balance theory and practice perfectly to ensure you easily grasp Bash’s intricate concepts.

  • From a theory perspective, we explore widely discussed concepts like using curly braces for variable expansion, file descriptors, and what POSIX compliance means, along with its implications for syntax choice, to name a few. 
  • From the practical perspective, we include guides for modern Bash features, including associative arrays using key-value pairs for accessing array elements, introductory tutorials for popular command-line utilities like awk and sed, and Labs for practising each learned concept to complement the learning experience.

These key insights will solidify your understanding and set you apart as a Bash expert.

Mastering the concepts covered in this course will elevate your Bash proficiency and give you the confidence to understand portability between platforms, write superior and more robust scripts, and be equipped to read and debug different scripts.

Ready to level up your Bash skills and dominate the command line? 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the full potential of Bash and take your DevOps or SysAdmin career to new heights. 

Seize the moment and enroll today!

What you’ll learn

  • Bash scripting conventions and best practices.
  • Working with variables, functions, and parameter expansions.
  • Understanding streams and managing input/output redirection.
  • Utilizing powerful command-line utilities like awk and sed.
  • Mastering arrays for efficient data manipulation and storage.
  • Applying good practices for script robustness, logging, and error handling.
  • Reinforce learning with hands-on labs.

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About the instructor

  • Juan Carlos Martinez

    Juan Carlos Martinez

    Trainer, Backend Engineer

    Juan Carlos Martinez is an IT professional with 12+ years of experience. He considers himself a deep generalist, having held roles as a System Administrator, Linux Support Engineer, Java Developer, and most recently, a Senior DevOps Engineer. He’s worked across various sectors, including Fortune 500 retail companies and large financial firms, and has been involved in projects for top tech companies. Beyond his work, Juan Carlos dedicates time to training and mentoring engineers across Latin America and Mexico, helping them transition to DevOps roles. His efforts are driven by a deep passion for learning and teaching.

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